“I had the pleasure of experiencing body code with both Mark and Mariane through Healing Energetix, having never heard of or experienced anything like this before I was intrigued as to what it was, how it could relinquish my constant upper shoulder tension and if it would work! To my pleasant surprise the sessions (which were convenient and easy to follow) not only released the majority of the tension but I personally found it opened me up to be even more aware intuitively of what was happening within my body. I would highly recommend anyone who is remotely interested in this technique or who is finding themselves with niggling tension somewhere in their body to check the very approachable, friendly and down to earth. Mariane and Mark. Thanks guys.”

Linda H.

My two young children age 1 and 2 ½ suffer from night terrors. Both children would wake up screaming and crying uncontrollably during the night clinging to my husband and I in fear. It would take us anywhere up to an hour to calm them down (especially my 2 yr old). I tried all that I could think of plus the advice of many others but nothing seemed to work. Not knowing what else to do I approached Mariane asking if she could help. She has worked with both my children and almost instantly they began sleeping through the night! They also seem calmer and happier in general. It was easy and the process was completely non invasive. I know now who to call when the night terrors visit! I highly recommend this and Mariane to any parent having issues with their children. Thank you so much Mariane for what you have done for our beautiful children and for doing it with such love every single time… you have been a blessing to us all.

Christine B.

Thank you Mariane for your help through the body code sessions. I found that I had a sadness and heaviness that just would not leave me. I am always a person who takes accountability to the next level and yet I was failing myself I felt. After a couple of sessions with Mariane, this feeling lifted. I laughed ‘freely’ – meaning I was not conscious of this heaviness and second guessing why I was laughing. I let go of so much emotional baggage. I am trusting my emotions now and making good choices around my health both mind and body. There is so much clarity around my thoughts and actions Thank you so very much.

Georgette A.

Feeling very Zen. I am catching myself smiling on the outside – used to be on the inside. I have turned into a calm ocean, ready to embrace all what comes along – fish, whales, turtles, boats, and ships. Everything and everyone is welcome. Thank you so much for working with me Mariane and Mark. Deeply grateful. Lots of love to you. xx

Jessica S.

“As someone living with a chronic illness I’m always on the lookout for things to compliment my holistic treatment. And since working with Mark Finch and the Body Code, I really feel that it has been the linchpin that has pulled everything together for me. I’m not well just yet but I’m now definitely on my way. It’s almost as if my whole world has opened up because of our sessions. I now feel lighter, I now very often manifest things into my life just when & as I need them, and I also now have the greatest sense of peace within. I view every session as a blessing. Now finally, I also believe that The Body Code has helped me to discover who I really am. I am my mind and my heart, not my body.”

Mark R.